The West Side Off Road (Bump n Run) Championship

Drivers we have GREAT news!  We have been working with the Allegan County Fair Board – and based on all the comments from the drivers – we have been able to move the West Side Off Road (Bump N Run) Championship from Tuesday 9/15 to Sunday 9/13 at 6:30 PM. This makes it a weekend show and should help everyone out.  Please make sure to let everyone  know of the date change as the mailer went out with the Tuesday date. For all the drivers that have already pre-registered we will be contacting  you to make sure this schedule still works for you.  Just a reminder this show will still be limited to 64 pre-registered regular front wheel drive off road cars and 21 pre-registered V8 off road cars and 20 pre-registered stock front wheel off road cars.  If you have any questions please give Jim a call at 616-636-8180.