Newaygo County Fair (2015)

Thank your to everyone who came out to see us at the 2015 Newaygo County Fair. We had two great nights of action. Here are a few photos and a video of the exciting action. See everyone at Wayne County. [Show slideshow]

July Update – A Busy Week Ahead

To all of our racers, fans, spectators and fair boards. In the last 6 days – 5 amazing shows! UMS Crew would like to thank all of you. UMS would like to let everyone know that “Mighty Mac” is home and on the mend. Sheryl and I would like to thank all of you for […]

Sand Lake Fourth of July

Thank you everyone for coming out to the Sand Lake Fourth of July Night of Destruction. It is safe to say that there was a whole lot of fun and destruction on this action filled night. [Show slideshow]

Sand Lake Fourth of July

Come join us for the Sand Lake 4th of July Festival’s Night of Destruction, featuring: Chain & Wire Demo Derby – No Entry Fee Limited Build Demo Derby (NEW) Off Road Demo Derby or Bump N Run (Big Car & Small Car) Burn Out Contest Tough Truck Competition Power Wheels Fireworks   Look for more […]

Montcalm County 4-H Fair (2015)

Thank you for everyone that came out to the Montcalm County 4-H Fair. This year’s event was a great success. We hope to see everyone in Sand Lake for the Sand Lake 4th of July Festival’s Night of Destruction. [Show slideshow]

Berlin Fair 2015

Thank you for coming out to see us at the Berlin Fair. The racing was great, can’t wait to see everyone at the Montcalm County 4-H Fair on June 27. [Show slideshow]

The West Side Off Road (Bump n Run) Championship

Drivers we have GREAT news!  We have been working with the Allegan County Fair Board – and based on all the comments from the drivers – we have been able to move the West Side Off Road (Bump N Run) Championship from Tuesday 9/15 to Sunday 9/13 at 6:30 PM. This makes it a weekend […]