7/11/19 - Thursday - Oakland County Fair, Davisburg. Starts at 7 PM. "Night of Destruction". Big Car Off Road $1000 to feature winner. Mod FWD Off Road $1000 to feature winner. Ladies only heats for Off Road. Stock Off Road. Stock FWD Demo Derby $750 to feature winner. Big trophy night and "King of the Ring" points awarded.

7/12/19 - Friday - Oakland County Fair, Davisburg. Starts at 7 PM. Figure 8 action! UMS will crown 3 "King of the Ring" point champions one for each class. Each champion will receive $500 and a large trophy. Big Car Figure 8 feature winner - $1500. Mod Figure 8 feature winner - $750. Stock Figure 8 feature winner - $500. Anyone can participate in this Figure 8 night not just point racers.

7/13/19 - Saturday - Mecosta County Fair, Big Rapids. Starts at 7 PM. $700 to win Mod Off Road feature. $600 to win Stock Off Road feature. $500 to win Stock Demo Derby feature. This is also a "Get Paid to Play" show for Demo Derby cars ONLY. 1st 20 pre-registrations or cars in line will get paid $50 for showing up and participating.

7/14/19 - Sunday - Ionia Free Fair, Ionia. Two shows. Please read carefully.

2 PM show - pit gate opens at 12 PM. Drivers you only pay one time to participate in both shows. You can race in the 1st show, you can race the 2nd show or you can race both. 2 PM show consists of: Stock Off Road heats, Mod FWD Off Road heats, Ladies Powder Puff Off Road, Burn Out Competition and Power Wheels Racing for Kids.

6 PM show - will consist of: Last Chance Off Road qualifying heats, Stock Figure 8 heats & feature. Big Car Figure 8 heats & feature. $1000 guaranteed 1st place feature winner for Big Car Figure 8. $1000 Mod FWD Off Road feature winner. $600 Stock Off Road feature winner. FWD Demo Derby $500 to feature winner. Registration will close at 5 PM sharp.

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7/1/14 – Big Payout Shows

7/4/14 at 6 PM – Sand Lake – $1000 guaranteed to the Small Off Road Derby feature winner. 7/6/14 at 7 PM – Oakland County Fair (Davisburg, MI) – $1500 guaranteed to the Big Car Figure 8 feature winner. $500 second place Big Car Figure 8. Everyone that makes Big Car Figure 8 feature will […]

6/28/14 – Montcalm County Fair Results

Congratulations to the following drivers: Small Car Off Road Derby – 1st – Brandon Geurink 2nd – Chris Wittigen 3rd – Andy Cook 1st Time Heat Winner – Rob Joynes Big Car Off Road Derby – 1st – Jason Goff 2nd – Doug Sutherland 3rd – Matt Town 4th – Tony Holstine

6/27/14 – Marion Figure 8

Congratulations to the following individuals: Big Car Figure 8 – 1st – Jason Goff 2nd – John Pool-Sova 3rd – Brian Boelter Small Car Figure 8 – 1st – Tony Gilbert 2nd – David Laney 3rd – Kevin Tubbs

6/26/14 – Marion Off Road Derby Winners

Congratulations going out to the following individuals: Small Car Off Road Derby – 1st – Andy Cook 2nd – Bryan Breuker 3rd – Dave Machler 4th – Rich Trudo Big Car Off Road Derby – 1st – Tony Holstine 2nd – Jason Barber 3rd – John Pool-Sova