Michael’s Bar & Grille in Ludington Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby at Michael’s Bar & Grille in Ludington was a lot of fun, thank you to everyone who came out to watch and race. The cars were great and racers from all ages truly enjoyed themselves.




  1. Annabell Roznowski
  2. Eli Glamzi
  3. Rufus Szliga


  1. William Roznowski
  2. JJ Szliga
  3. William Glamzi


  1. Paige Whittaker
  2. Logan Stakanas
  3. Zachary Vedders


  1. Shane Bowman
  2. Warren Roznowski
  3. Mike Stakanas

B Feature Winner – Christine Lamb

Best Decorated Car – Irving Welch

Oldest Car – David Stranburg / Chris Hendrickson